Small World Machines

A truly innovative digital experience that connects two rival nations via a simple act of kindness.
Pakistan and India have been divided by conflict for over 60 years. Coca-Cola believes that a moment of happiness has the power to bring the whole world closer together – no matter how great their differences. Over a 3 day event, we connected India and Pakistan using world first technology. Small World Machines opened a live portal between the two countries, by letting people simultaneously create symbols of peace, love and happiness.
User Experience.
Contributed design and animation to help strengthen the visual feedback for the 2 participants and their interactions by downplaying the reliance on written language and the gap it created between the 2 countries.
Design \ Animation.
Contributed character and typography animation as well as visual direction for key components of the interaction.
Coke Small World Machines saw two Leo Burnett teams (Chicago & Sydney) join forces to help realise this ambitious project. Following on from Chicago’s lead with the user journey and design, I was tasked with collaborating on a refresh that helped improve the user’s interaction with the device.
This was particularly important as the interaction between the two countries could not rely on language alone to help guide the user due to differing languages and dialects. You can see a glimpse of my improvements in the attached images, which included graphical and animation cues to help guide our two participants along.
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