Census Spotlight

A voyage through Census data from the perspective of the most important Australian of all, you...
How do you raise awareness of an impending Census, re-enforce that data collection helps better Australia's health, education and infrastructure, plus wrap it in a package that's remotely interesting to the average Australian? Spotlight, an interactive guided tour through the previously collected Census data. A personalised, relevant, demonstration of the Census data, narrated by iconic Australian comedian Shaun Micallef.
Awarded ‘Best in Show’ at the
Interactive Advertising Bureau Awards.
2012 -  IAB Awards
User Experience.
Crafting a cohesive user experience including site walkthrough and how to best communicate the Census data visually.
Design\Art Direction.
Design and production of user interface screens, as well as leading the style of the site look-and-feel, and data visualisation of the Census data.
From user interface elements and typography, to character animation and data visualisations, every single item within the universe was lovingly crafted to help immerse the user in the experience.
A statistician’s wet dream, hundreds of unique data visualisations, each tailored to you.
Spotlight is one not easily defined, it’s better to experience it for yourself. And I encourage you to do so via the link below.
Site of the Day September 30 2011
Best in Show 2012
Winner Brand Awareness & Positioning
Winner Brand Destination Site
Winner Rich Media & Digital Video
Personally received a Silver Bullet
for Design - Young Guns Awards 2012
Gold Cyber Lotus 2012
Bronze Art Direction 2012
Silver Public Service, Charity & Fund Raising
Bronze Integrated Digital Campaign
Bronze World Medal Online Design
- New York Festival 2012
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