Why wouldn't you change?
How do you convince iFans that the time to ditch their old handset is finally at hand?
After an aggressive campaign that hoped to convert Apple fanboys (and girls) over to the Samsung Galaxy S4, I was tasked with creating a digital solution to accompany said campaign. The hope was to convert those stragglers who were a little less convinced that the time to switch to a Samsung device was upon them.
The Campaign
Change is difficult, intimidating. People hate the prospect of leaving their comfort zone or are just plain stuck in their ways. But sometimes these concerns are unwarranted, ill-informed or based purely on misconception. Or are they? We decided to tackle these concerns head on, allowing people to share with us the reasons they are unwilling to leave their old mobile phone behind. The result is a website that allows users, in plain-english, to enter their reason or excuse.
Maybe they're afraid they'll lose all the apps they've come to know-and-love. Perhaps concerned they'd lose all the music they've collected over the years? We compiled a list of the most common concerns and illustrated them with charming, humorous and comforting responses to help allay their 'excuses'. We challenged the user to enter a response we didn't already have an answer for, and if they succeeded we made a response for that too.
Worked closely with a copywriter to conceive, develop and execute a campaign to complement an existing creative that sort to convince people to join Samsung.
User Experience.
Shaped our concept into a simple, easy to use web experience that worked across all devices, with a swing toward apple devices.
Art Direction.
Lead the look-and-feel of the website as well as working closely with the illustrator to help achieve a cohesive and visually appealing design aesthetic.
Optimised for iPhone
Given that the target audience are Apple enthusiasts, we had to ensure that the experience was tailored to their handsets. That’s why the site was built specifically for iPhone and iPad.
Some of my favourite excuses
"Because I’ve collected quite a few apps”
Quite the hoarder, are we? That’s fine. Google Play has the majority of them or an equivalent – and a lot of them are free. Which is nice.

So if Apps aren’t the problem, what’s stopping you?
"Because I’ll cry
if I lose my music”
We’d be upset too. So, no matter how awful we might think your collection is, you can transfer music across with Smart Switch. And you can stream millions of songs with a subscription to Samsung Music Hub®.

Any other excuses that we can make a dubstep remix for?
"Because the phone
is super-ginormous”
One look at that beautiful, crisp, stunning five inch screen and you’ll agree that the size is just perfect. We think it’s very much worth it. And it’ll still comfortably fit in your hand, your pocket or your handbag. 

So that makes for a pretty small excuse. Anything bigger?
"Because I’ll lose
all my contacts”
Don’t worry. Your contacts aren’t going anywhere. Smart Switch allows you to transfer things like your contacts from your current phone to any shiny new Samsung GALAXY one, like the GS4*.

What else have you got?
"Because my homescreen finally captures who I am as a person”
Firstly, congratulations. Secondly, don’t sweat it. You’ll be able to fully customise your GALAXY S 4 homescreen using wallpaper, apps and a variety of widgets.

That’s that taken care of. What else have you got?
Samsung sucks”
Naughty you! Come on, what's the real issue?

We can talk it through over a cup of tea…
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