It's a long story
Experience the story of Bulleit Whiskey, a tale full of half-truths & rumours, unique to every visitor.

An integrated campaign featuring video, print and web that explores the mysterious disappearance of Augustus Bulleit and the secret family recipe for his small batch whiskey. At its heart is an HTML5 scrolling site that refreshes with new imagery, changing the experience for each view, each time, allowing users to collect experience their own unique narrative.

A tale full of half-truths,

rumours & small batch whiskey.

Our brief was to create a ‘human-proof’ service, one that brings the focus from the technology, to the people who use it. Working closely with the Creative Director, we mapped out a path for users to traverse the site, making sure there was never a dead end in the user journey.
User Experience.
We proposed a truly social site that championed the brand ambassadors by utilising social networks and real world Canon users as focal points of the products. The proposal hoped to shift the focus away from the product, and focus more on the potential each tool provides it’s photographers.
Art Direction.
Worked closely with the designer to create a look and feel that complemented the rebrand. These page designs unfortunately only served as a style guide to what would eventually be taken on and also developed by another studio.
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