Run That Town

A mobile game that lets you take control of any postcode in Australia, using real-life Census data.
This iOS resource management game allows players to try their hand at running their very own suburb. Tackle vital issues by rejecting or approving proposals in an effort to help better your town. Track your progress by comparing in-game Census data with the real world, and ultimately, learn why the Census helps foster a better Australia.
“ Looks as polished, if not more so
than most top mobile games."
Worked closely with the Art Directors and Developers to flesh out the core game mechanics and create a logical, cohesive game experience.
User Experience.
Took the core game conceit shaping it into an accessible 'casual game' whilst  fostering the most intuitive game experience possible.
Design. Art Direction.
Lead the look-and-feel of the app as well the design and production of hundreds of unique user interface screens and end-game cinematics.
Given the inherent relationship between the wireframe and design process, heading up both roles allowed me to streamline the user experience and aesthetic of the game. A more polished set of wireframes was created from the get go, first and foremost serving as schematics for the game, but also offering prettier visuals for the prototype of the app and overall steering the design direction of the user interface.
These early wireframes share a striking resemblance to the finished product, the most radical changes stemming from our beta testing, or our continued pursuit to make the app as intuitive and familiar to the user and iOS platform as we possibly could.
300 projects, 4 unique end-game animations & hundreds of interface elements.
From game concept, to user interface design, to illustration look-and-feel, Run That Town opened up a world of possibilities for collaboration and creation for me. Working closely with all contributors, from concept to production, my responsibilities on the app was not solely limited to the role of design.

Given the visually rich playground, this project presented the perfect opportunity for me to slip in an array of bad puns and pop culture references. Players are treated to Easter eggs, including rare glimpses of the DeLorean time machine, the Ghostbuster’s ECTO-1 and movie theatres with goofy movie titles. A series of visual gags that perfectly compliment the 10,000 word newspaper stories that centre around the games main feedback loop, The Daily Spotlight.
Mobile of the Day July 12 2013
Interactive Gold Pencil
Apps Nomination 2014
Featured Campaign
Digital Design Craft Bronze 2014
Mobile-Games Bronze 2014

June - July 2013 Creative Showcase Winner
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