Parrot Carrot Safari
Taking the beloved Australian children’s book Parrot Carrot off the page, and on to the small screen.
How do you create a companion digital experience to a delightful children’s book that doesn’t just regurgitate the pages of the book? Parrot Carrot Safari allows kids to turn their phone into a magical pair of binoculars. Players explore their surroundings in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the animals featured in the book. Players catch the rhyming pairs, recreating such bizarre combinations as the Gnu that looks like a Canoe, a Snake that looks like a Rake, or a Snail that looks like a Whale.
An augmented reality treasure
hunt for kids. And big kids alike.
Group concept consisted of the Creative Director, Developers, Animators and Designers all coming together to help create the game idea.
UX & Design.
Taking the signature style created by the authors/illustrator and applying them to the app. This included UI elements as well as the curation of a logical, cohesive game experience.
To greater reflect the hand drawn look of the book, we decided to hand draw each frame of the animation. This effect gives the characters a charm not achievable by Photoshop alone.
A delightful companion app to a book for lovers of silly wordplay and funny pictures.
An absolute joy to work on, from beginning to end, Parrot Carrot was a quick side project for the digital team at Leo Burnett. One of my favourite parts of the process involved play-testing the app with a group of kids. The sense of joy the app evoked was payment enough in itself, some of which was captured in the launch video below.
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